100% Money Back Guarantee

All of my courses come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you do not find any value in my course or instructional materials, I will be happy to refund you 100% of your money as soon as you ask.
100% Money Back Guarantee

Smart Simplicity

My Philosophy

When building a business, you need to stay focused on one goal. I call it Smart Simplicity. At it's core, Smart Simplicity makes obvious sense.

Anything that has value by its nature going to be complicated. My job in bringing you Smart Simplicity is to break a complicated process down to it's simplest parts and automate or make them as efficient as possible when taken as a whole.

But just like anything else that sounds deceptively simple, in practice it gets complicated QUICK.

With my courses, you can quickly learn what works, and maybe more importantly what doesn't work to rapidly bring your own business up to speed.

I fully believe and embrace sharing both my successes and failures, because you can find knowledge and insight in both. And honestly, knowing they WHY something doesn't work is where we truly learn HOW it works.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

The only useful advice is the type that can be implemented easily with measurable results. BizTweaks is all about simple and effective things you can do every day to boost your business. After all, even building a spaceship is nothing more than a sequence of simple steps.

  • Learn

    Learn a new technique or action, and the reasons behind it, and why it works.

  • Apply

    Apply the technique to your own business or sales process via my Simple Step Methodology.

  • Measure

    Measure the results of you new knowledge. After all, the value is in the actual impact.

Take The Plunge

The two best times to start is five years ago and and TODAY.

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BizTweaks Podcast

Listen in to my weekly show

On my weekly BizTweaks podcast, I answer questions, give tips, and cover new business processes to help you elevate your business to the next level.
BizTweaks Podcast

BizTweaks Blog

Stay Up To Date

The BizTweaks blog is my place to write about current business, efficiency and software trends. Some posts tie into the podcasts, some stand on their own two feet, but all of them bring you great information in a comprehensive and engaging ways. Also, charts and graphs! (my favorite).
BizTweaks Blog

Kyle Sasser

Small and Medium Sized Business Expert

I have been an entrepreneur from a very young age, and have been involved in many successful businesses from selling and repairing the equipment that makes telephones and the internet work, to selling on Amazon, to real estate. All of these businesses share one thing in common: with a proper and efficient system, profits are near effortless. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, techniques and philosophies with you.
Kyle Sasser